Tuesday, October 23, 2007

David, Mom & Dad!

This is for you!
I know life isn’t always good to you
I've seen exactly what it's put you through
It's thrown you around
It's turned you upside down
So, you started thinking there was no way out
You started sinking when life pulled you down
Well, It may be tough
But, You've got to get back up
Because you know that life isn’t over yet
I'm here for you... so don't forget
You can count on me
'Cause I will carry you 'til you carry on
Anytime you need someone
Somebody strong to lean on
Well you can count on me to hold you
Until that healing is done
Every time you fall apart
You can hide here in my arms
And you can count on me
To hold you 'til that feeling is gone
I'll always be the one waiting on you
I'd like to be the one that pulls you through
'Cause I see a silver lining on your cloud
Ill always pick you up whenever you fall down
Just take my hand and I will help you stand
And in your darkest of times
I'd like to be the light that you can find
So whenever your feeling down
And you need someone to be around
You can count on me to hold you
Until that feeling is gone.