Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oral Surgeon!

As you can see by the pictures above, we have serious teeth issues in our household! Joey is already in braces and Little Luis is down the same road!

We have been to the dentist in 3 occasions to try and get this tooth out, to no avail~! The child will not have it! He was at the dentist for our third attempt last Wednesday. Hubby took him in, I was at work.

I call Luis to get a picture of how things are going. By the way he answers his phone I know it ain't going well!

The Dentist was able to inject him the local anesthesia. They waited for it to kick in. Luis saw the extraction tools and that was it! He started crying hysterically. He started sweating bullets, he was trembling very bad. My husband got concerned!
He tried to calm him down! Nothing worked. The doctor told my son he was a baby! To stop crying! That was it! Luis took our son and left the office! He was very upset that the dentist talked to our child this way! He was upset that the doctor did not try and explain to him that the bad part already passed and that it would NOT hurt!

Back to the drawing board! I went into Mama Mode quick! Called our medical insurance to explain the situation. The thing with this tooth is that it it loose and the permanent tooth already came out behind it, the root is intact, so even though it is loose I can not pull it out. It hurts him to eat and bite. His gums are swollen. And every time he brushes his teeth he bleeds!

The insurance was really cool about it and recommended me to an Oral Surgeon. I called them up and explained my concerns. She told me that they use laughing gas. He has an appointment on Halloween. I pray that we can get this resolved. I know Little Luis will be terrified of dentist for the rest of his life. I can't imagine when he gets his braces on! Please pray for my little boy....

On another note I forgot to post that Joey's biopsy came out ok! Thank you for saying a prayer for him.

.... Mickey had his follow up visit with the Ophthalmologist. His eyes are getting so much better! His prescription was lowered! He was 20/40 in his right eye and 20/30 on his left eye. He know is 20/30 on his right eye and 20/20 on his left eye! I was so happy! He was so happy! He behaved so good too! The doctor was amazed! My little boy is becoming a big boy!


Elle said...

Good news about Joey! UGH about the teeth (Jenna is definately going to need braces one day).

Steffie B. said...

Good luck with the little guy. It's scary at the dentist.....I HATE IT THERE! Emmie goes in next Monday to have two teeth pulled. Her's are a mess as well.....

Yoly said...

I HATE dentists big time. I'm so happy things came out ok with Joey. said...

I know how your little guy feels! I have to take drugs before I go. Dentist was a total butthole!

Roy and Lori said...

I hope everything works out
ok! Take care......You have
a very beautiful family!