Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Weekend Recap

Update: Because of Pug Mama's comment that almost made me spit my coffee this morning! LOL I want to clarify the the Camels and the Grass. Read this link. Ok now that you are back and understand why my kids where picking up grass for the Camels, just want to let you all know that it has been very important to us to keep this tradition in our family. We always celebrated this back at home (PR). So Pug Mama we are not running a dr.ug ring with camels in our neck of the woods! LOL
I am so GLAD this weekend is OVER! It was pretty stressful to say the least. I will give it to you bullet style!
  • Friday Morning at 3:00 am get a call from my ex.
  • When I see the caller id my heart skipped a beat! (Joey was in PR still)
  • Ex proceeds to tell me that Joey has a high fever that won't go down
  • I ask him at what time he gave him some Tylenol? He says he has not giving him anything!
  • I breath in and try to relax and proceed to tell him that he Needs to give him something for the fever. He tells me he will take him to the hospital. I advise the contrary and ask him to take him to his Pediatrician in PR at 8:00 am.
  • I laid awake not able to sleep! I decided to go into the office earlier!
  • He does not answer his phone after I tried to call over 20 times to see how are things.
  • I finally spoke to him at 11:00am! He did not take him to the Dr. he said he was on his way to pick up his wife in the hospital she works and that he will have a Dr. see him there.
  • Joey ends up having strep throat and and ear infection.
  • Saturday I did some last minute shopping for Three Kings Day.
  • My sister came over to say her goodbyes! She left for NY!!!!
  • Had the boys pick up the grass for the Camels
  • Mickey wakes up at 3:18 am burning in Fever
  • Little Luis woke up at that time and saw the gifts the Kings left him (PSP Games & Clothes)
  • Take little Mickey to the Urgent Care and have them tell me he has a double ear infection and a throat infection.
  • Call Joey at 6:30 to see if he is ready to board the plane (his flight was to leave at 7:00 pm)
  • Have Joey tell me he is on his way to the airport!!!!
  • Burst out and cry that he was going to miss his flight home
  • Receive another call from Joey that the flight was cancelled and that he would depart PR at 10:00pm
  • He finally made it in at 1:30, and we got home around 2:45 am
  • When he took out his hat, I almost fainted when I saw his hair (see pic above) filled with lines and stars #$%@&
  • I scolded him and told him that I did not like it. But then thought to myself that it is just hair and that it will grow!

Mickey's fever is finally gone. The doctor chose to inject him the Penicillin. Needless to say I left dear hubby in the office with him. I could not bare see him cry. It served me no use, he screamed bloody murder that I could here him all the way in the reception area...

The tension of this weekend has mounted on my neck! I can barely move. I am in so much pain. I am using Icy/hot patches. If that does not work I think I will need to go see a Chiropractor. I am so ready for the weekend and it is only Tuesday.


Pug Mama said...

don't get me going on stupid as$ ex's.
Holy cow woman, did you have a weekend from hell!
Glad your son is home and safe (despite the hair!)
and I have to tell you ---I MUST have missed some blog post OR SOMETHING because WTF does "Had the boys pick up the grass for the Camels" mean????
Is that some code for dr.ug talk or do you literally have a camel?????

Colleen said...

OMG!!!! I nearly wet myself with Mel's comment!! I too was wondering about the camel thing. LOL...

Glad your son is home safe,

Steffie B. said...

You crack me up....what a weekend girl. Thank goodness it's over!

Go to the Chiro. Was just there myself yesterday. He told me my neck is going in the opposite direction it should be and he does not know how I have been functioning with the pain. i do Icy Hot too, but you only get so much relief from that.

hugs girl......